Mats Grimfoot, born in a minor swedish industry village in 1966, has ever since his first attempts to find air for both lungs and mind searched for ways to express himself. Finding nature as a powerful source of inspiration he holds a bachelors degree in environmental biology and ecology from the University of Stockholm. His abilities to both understand and interpret nature led him to the next step, a three year Nature Photographer education resulting in a Craftsmanship degree in Finland. As a scilled photographer and writer Mats combines his interests and produces fine art prints, writes richely illustrated articles and performs public speeches in Sweden and neighbouring countries.

In the last years a series of maladies happened, causing a multitude of hand surgery including shortening of two fingers, forcing Grimfoot out of the woods into the city. To ease pain and mind he brought his cameras, thus discovering similarities in natural and urban photography. For Mats the essence is mainly about the inhabitants and their relationship to their surroundings, natural or urban jungles alike.

Mats Grimfoot’s works has won more than 50 awards in international photography contests under PSA and FIAP patronages all over the world. His Art works can be found in corporate buildings as well as private collections, and his works have been exhibited in one person exhibitions in Sweden and group exhibitions all over the world.

Niittykumpu, Finland